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Fireluke 22 Officially Becomes CRC-compliant Product

Freemax has become one of the first to have passed the Child Resistant Certified (CRC) regulation imposed by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). Fireluke 22 Tank  is chosen as the first product for certification.

Fireluke 22 Tank - ISO 8317 CRC

What is ISO 8317 CRC?
ISO 8317 CRC specifies performance requirements and test methods for reclosable packages designated as resistant to opening by children. All vaping manufacturers that want to continue advertising and selling vape products in Canada shall pass this regulation. The regulation serves to prevent children and teenagers from using vape products.

Fireluke 22 | Authorizd Certification ISO

Protecting Minors, No Delay
Freemax is not only the innovator and pioneer in vape industry but also takes a leading role in protecting the health of minors. Freemax has always been carrying through this concept in all promotional materials. Besides, we Initiate special measures to prevent minor from contacting vape-related information and vape purchase channels.

Working Principle of Fireluke 22 Tank
Freemax integrates the concept of protecting minors into mechanism design. The child resistant top fill design is added to Fireluke 22 Tank. Simply lift and slide the top cap to fill, super easy and convenient. This structure is designed to prevent children from opening the tank accidentally. In this way, children cannot contact e-liquid easily. And all the future products will be designed with child resistant design.

Fireluke 22 with child resistant

Freemax aims to fully support the local policy of child protection against vaping products, providing safety qualified and high quality products to consumers all over the world.

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