WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. FOR ADULT USE ONLY (21+). NOT FOR SALE TO MINORS.

Freemax Vape FAQ

Get fast answers to coils, tanks, mods, pods and kits here.
  • Maxus 2 200W Kit

  • Starlux 40W Kit

  • Galex Nano Kit

  • Galex Kit

  • Marvos X Pro 100W Kit

  • Twister 2 80W Kit

  • Maxpod 3 15W Kit

  • Marvos X 100W Kit

  • Maxus Solo 100W Kit

  • Maxus Max 168W Kit

  • Marvos 80W Kit

  • Marvos RTA Pod

  • Marvos S 80W kit

  • Marvos 60W Kit

  • Marvos T 80W Kit

  • Onnix 20W Kit

  • M Pro RBA Coil

  • Maxus 50W Kit

  • Maxpod Circle Kit

  • Twister 30W Kit

  • Maxus 200W Kit

  • Autopod50 Pod Mod Kit

  • Maxpod Kit

  • GEMM 25W Pod Mod Kit

  • GEMM 80W Starter Kit

  • Twister 80W Starter Kit



  • Which coil should I choose for my tank?

    Coil SeriesCoil NameApplicable Tank/Pod
    ST Mesh CoilST Mesh Coil 0.35/0.5ohmStarlux Pod
    GX Mesh CoilGX-P Mesh Coil 0.8/1.0ohm
    GX Mesh Coil 0.8/1.0ohm
    Galex Pod
    FL Mesh CoilFL1-D/FL2/FL3 Mesh CoilFireluke Solo Tank
    MX Mesh CoilMX1-D/MX1 SS316L /MX1/MX2/MX3/MX4/MX5 Mesh CoilMaxus DTL Pod & Maxus DTL Pod Tank
    MS Mesh CoilMS-D 0.15/0.25ohm
    MS 0.15/0.25/0.35/0.5ohm
    Marvos CRC Pod, Marvos CRC Pod Tank
    Marvos DTL Pod, Marvos DTL Pod Tank
    OX Coil SeriesOX Mesh Coil 0.5ohm, OX DVC Coil 0.8/1.0/1.2ohmOnnix Pod & Onnix 2 Pod
    X Mesh CoilX1-D/X1 SS316L/X1/X2/NX2/X3/X4 Mesh CoilFireluke 4 Tank, Fireluke 3 Tank, Fireluke 2 Tank, Fireluke M Tank
    TX Mesh CoilTX1 SS316L/TX1/TX2/TNX2/TX3/TX4 Mesh CoilFireluke 4 Tank, Fireluke 3 Tank, Fireluke 2 Tank, Fireluke M Tank
    904L X Mesh Coil904L X1/X2/X3/X4 Mesh CoilFireluke 4 Tank, Fireluke 3 Tank, Fireluke 2 Tank, Fireluke M Tank
    M Mesh CoilM1-D Mesh Coil, 904L M1/M2/M3/M4 Mesh CoilM Pro 3 Tank, M Pro 2 Tank, M Pro Tank
    M Pro Mesh CoilSS316L Single/Single/Double/Triple/Quad/Quintuple Mesh CoilM Pro 3 Tank, M Pro 2 Tank, M Pro Tank
    M Pro RBA CoilM Pro RBA CoilM Pro 3 Tank, M Pro 2 Tank, M Pro Tank
    DTL/MTL Mesh Coil0.25ohm & 0.5ohm DTL Mesh Coil/1.0ohm & 1.5ohm MTL Mesh CoilFireluke 22 Tank
    NS Mesh CoilNS Mesh Coil 1.0ohm/1.5ohmMaxpod Pod
    AX2 Mesh CoilAX2 Mesh Coil 0.25ohm/0.5ohmAutopod50 Pod
  • How to avoid burnt coils?

    • · Clear the tank before changing e-liquid;
    • · Replace the coil regularly;
    • · Remove the tank when not in use to avoid unintended firing;
    • · Make sure there is enough e-liquid in the tank before vaping;
    • · Prime the coil before vaping;
    • · Stop vaping for a little while;
    • · Use a lower wattage setting;
    • · Keep the e-liquid level topped up;
    • · Switch to e-liquid containing less VG;
    • · Avoid dark and very sweet e-liquid
  • What if I cannot vape with 904L Mesh Coil?

    904L M Mesh Coil and 904L X Mesh Coil series are not TC coils, you can try other modes with the coil.

  • Why does coil resistance differ with stated resistance?

    The ohms are only estimates, and if you prime then use it, it is normal that the resistance will change a little, normally ±0.05ohms, so when you fire, the resistance won't change too much. It is common and you needn’t worry about.


  • How to fix leaking problems with sub ohm tanks?

    • · Please close the airflow holes when you refill the tank, and do not saturate the coil directly with juice dropping to the inner coil, you just need to fill the tank and wait around 10mins.
    • · If you do not use the tank for a while, please do not leave too much juice in the tank, this may cause leakage after over several hours, and please close the airflow holes as well.
    • · Please check all the o-rings are in good condition and replace the old ones.
    • · Please check if your coil is screwed tightly, if leaking persists, you can consider changing with another coil.
  • How to fix leaking problems of getting juice into mouth?

    One of the simplest reasons for gurgling or spit back is a beginner attempting to vape 70VG or higher e-juice with a high resistance coil intended for mouth to lung. The e-juice in that instance is too thick for your low wattage device and coil, therefore the e-juice doesn't heat sufficiently to turn into vapor.

    The more common reason is that you've flooded the coil when priming, excess juice in the coil which can't vaporize quickly enough results in gurgling and/or spit back. To resolve the issue you can flip your tank upside down to allow excess e-juice to empty out from the chimney, and if the problem persists you can close airflow followed by dry pulls. Keep in mind that if your tank gets a bit hot during use it can effectively cook the remnants of expelled e-juice inside the chimney giving you a burnt taste and I'd recommend you clean the chimney by removing the top cap and cleaning the cap and chimney with a lightly soaked isopropyl alcohol q-tip. Wait a minute or so and then vape as usual.

    Other possible reasons for spit back may include the following: using high PG e-juice in conjunction with a sub ohm coil, chain vaping from a tank which gets fairly hot as the heat thins your ejuice, a coil which is wicking the cotton too quickly.

  • How to fix leaking problems from the bottom?

    Your coil should be screwed into the base vertically until it is finger tight and you meet resistance. If you insert the coil into the base of the tank at an angle, or over-tighten it, you're doing it wrong.

    If you're certain that isn't the issue perhaps you have a crack in your glass, or cracked o-rings, or a missing o-ring. Every piece of a tank needs to be present and in good condition.

    Beyond that you could be flooding the coil from over-priming it and if it's excessively flooded trying to vape the juice will just result in heating it and causing the juice to exit via bottom airflow. You could also flood the tank by using high PG e-juice in a sub ohm coil, and pulling too hard at low wattage with closed airflow. Tipping your tank upside down should expel the juice safely, and going one step further by dry pulling and again flipping it upside down will help if you don't first succeed.

  • How to fill the tank?

    • · Lift & slide or just slide to open the top cap;
    • · Fill from the top;
    • · Slide back to lock the top cap (wait 4-5 minutes for first time use);
    • · Adjust the airflow;
    • · Connect the tank to the mod;
    • · Start vaping from low wattage to high wattage
  • How to replace the coil?

    • · Unscrew the tank from the body of the vape to expose your coil;
    • · Empty the tank of any remaining liquid;
    • · Unscrew your current coil from the base of the vape;
    • · Pre-saturate your coil with 5-8 drops of vape juice;
    • · Screw your new coil into place;
    • · Replace the tank after you put on the new coil
  • When to replace a coil?

    • · Replace the coil every 1-2 weeks on average;
    • · Change the coil if the vape juice tastes burnt or less flavorful;
    • · Get a new coil if your vape produces very little vapor
  • Which tanks are Child Resistant Certified?

    • M Pro 2 Tank Resin Edition
    • Fireluke 3 Tank Resin Edition
    • Fireluke 22 Tank Resin Edition
    • Fireluke 22 Tank Metal Edition
  • How to build RBA?

    • · Put the RBA base onto the tank base;
    • · Choose proper coils and cut the pins to proper length;
    • · Assemble the coils and fix them with screw;
    • · Power on and adjust the two coils until they are evenly heated and equidistant;
    • · Cut appropriate sized wick and put it through the inner diameter of the coil. Then cut off excess ends of the wick and put the two ends into the wick holes;
    • · Put the RBA cover onto the base;
    • · Soak the wick with e-liquid, assemble RBA with the main tank and fill the tank.


  • What does the LED light mean?

    • · Low voltage protection: if low voltage is detected, the red LED light will flash 15 times;
    • · Short circuit protection: if short circuit is detected, the red LED light will flash 8 times;
    • · Overtime protection: if overtime vaping is detected, the white LED light will flash 8 times;
    • · Open circuit protection: if open circuit is detected, the power indicator light will flash 3 times slowly.
  • What if the LED light doesn’t flash when first time charging?

    The device is fully charged when leaving the factory. Therefore, it’s common that when you charge for the first time, the LED indicator doesn’t flash. It’s recommended that you charge the device after you have used it for several days.

  • What if the mod cannot detect the tank?

    • · Make sure the 510 pin and the 510 connector are tightened and they coincide with each other;
    • · Keep the 510 connector clean
  • What if the battery cannot get charged?

    • · Clean the charging plug and try again;
    • · Change another USB charging line and try again;
    • · If it still doesn’t work, please contact us via service@freemaxvape.com
  • What if the red LED light flashes unusually when the battery is being used?

    • · Change another coil or another tank on the mod and check if it works. If it doesn’t work, there is something wrong with the battery.
    • · Change the tank to another kit and check if it works. If it works, there is something wrong with the original battery. If it still doesn’t work, there might be something wrong with the 510 pin of the tank.
  • What if the battery is normally charged but the green LED light flashes and
    there is no vapor?

    Turn the power up to over 20W, then the device can work normally.


  • Under what circumstances can’t I apply for warranty?

    • · Customer failed to provide this warranty card as well as the original purchasing receipt.
    • · Failure or damage caused by improper use of unauthorized modifications or adjustments.
    • · Failure or damage caused by excessive force or maloperation (please refer user manual).
    • · Failure or damage due to usage with Non-Freemax components.
    • · Personal items or consumable goods and attachments, including butnot limited to: silicone parts, rubber parts, chargers, mouthpiece, coil, batteries, and USB cable.
  • Where can I buy Freemax device?

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