WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. FOR ADULT USE ONLY (21+). NOT FOR SALE TO MINORS.


Events & Activities

First hand information of Freemax events and activities

Events & Activities

Dreaming back to Sub Ohm Era Event

2021.12.01 – 2021.12.12 M Pro Milestone 
Review Mesh Pro Tank Milestone and win Golden Maxus Kit!

2021.12.14 – 2021.12.22 Play With M Pro
Shout out your love to Mesh Pro tank and win Golden Maxus Kit & Maxus Max 168W kit!

2021.12.24 – 2022.1.3 Time to Upgrade M Pro
Test how you love Freemax and win the Maxus Max suitcase edition!

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If you are a fan of Freemax and good at e -cigarette marketing, then you are the one we want! join Freemax And be one of us!

Target Countries
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines

For more information, please contact us via market02@freemaxvape.com

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Freemax MaxShop Vape Shop Recruitment Program

Get free promotional material package!
There are also grand awards for lucky winners, including iphone 12 pro max!!

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Vaping is a new trend but may cause POLLUTION.
Vapers should PROTECT THE ONLY PLANET we live on.
Vaping environmental-friendly should be REWARDED.
Freemax takes the lead and launches “WE VAPE, WE SAVE!” campaign!

Up to 1000 sets of Freemax Onnix 20W Kits Green Limited Edition will be Rewarded to vapers who take part in the “We Vape, We Save!” campaign.

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Be the Freemax VIP of 2021

Complete the questionnaire and fill in the link of the reviews you have done, get the opportunity to win all the new products of Freemax in 2021!

01 Complete the questionnaire, the key is to fill in the review link you have done.
02 The product being reviewed in the filled-in link does not have to be Freemax, it only needs to be an e-cigarette product.
03 Freemax will select 1 winners from the participants.
04 Event time: Dec. 21st-Dec. 31st.

What you can win
All the new products of Freemax in 2021.

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Freemax Xmas Giveaway

Easy to Enter:
Complete tasks to earn entries, and you will have the opportunity to get Christmas gifts prepared by Freemax!

What You Can Win:
Freemax Maxus 50W Kit * 1pc, Freemax M Pro Tank * 1pc, Freemax T-shirt * 1pc, Freemax Hat * 1pc, Freemax Bag * 1pc

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Maxpod Circle, Up to you

Be the Top 3, and the maxpod circle you design will come true!

Special Prize:
1. Top 3 will get Maxpod Circle designed by themselves, Freemax T-shirt, bag and hat.
2. Top 4-Top 9 will also get prizes: Maxpod Circle (standard edition), Freemax T-shirt, bag and hat.
3. 6 lucky voters will be selected from voters of the top 3 designs. They will also get the Maxpod Circle they vote for.

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Halloween Activity – Freemax the Treat

What You Can Win?

Complete tasks to earn entries, Top5 will be selected from participants with the highest entries to get the Freemax’s treat.
Top1-3: Freemax Twister 80W * 1pc, Freemax M Pro Tank * 1pc, Freemax T-shirt * 1pc, Freemax Hat * 1pc, Freemax Bag * 1pc, Freemax Key Chain * 1pc, Freemax Flap Band * 1pc, Freemax Folding Fan * 1pc

Top4-5: Freemax M Pro Tank * 1pc, Freemax T-shirt * 1pc, Freemax Hat * 1pc, Freemax Bag * 1pc, Freemax Key Chain * 1pc, Freemax Flap Band * 1pc, Freemax Folding Fan * 1pc

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Golden Freemax Month

Golden Freemax event starts from Aug. 24th to Sep. 28th, lasting one month. Four popular products are prepared for this event: Maxpod Kit, Autopod50 Pod Mod Kit, Maxus 100W Kit and Maxus 200W Kit. There are 4 rounds of this event, organized simultaneously on our official account on 6 social media platforms:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok and VK

The first round for golden Maxpod Kit: Aug. 24th to Aug. 31st.

The second round for golden Autopod50 Pod Mod Kit: Sep. 2nd to 9th.

The third round for golden Maxus 100W Kit: Sep. 11th to 18th.

The fourth round for golden Maxus 200W Kit: Sep. 21st to 28th.

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We Are 21+ Vapers – Spin & Win!

Spin To Win A Whole Year’s Supply Of Mesh Coil:

Special Prize:

1*Twister 80W Kit + 10 packs*X4 Mesh Coil,1*M Pro+10 packs*Quintuple Mesh Coil
(Total 84 mesh coils, more than a whole year’s supply of mesh coil)

1st Prize:1*Fireluke M+5 pack*X4 Mesh Coil, 1*M Pro+5 pack*Quintuple Mesh Coil (A half year’s supply of mesh coil)

2nd Prize:1*M Pro+1 pack* Quintuple Mesh Coil; 1*Twister 80W Kit + 1 pack*X4 Mesh Coil;(The best vape gift combo)

3rd Prize:1 pack*X4 Mesh Coil; 1 pack* Quintuple Mesh Coil; (The Third Prize has over 30 winners)

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Christmas Competition – Total 49 Winners

3 Vape Gifts For Every Winner Everyday !

It will be 24 Competitions, there are a total of 49 winners to get our vape gift combo!

Vape gift combo from FreeMax, Acrohm, and LostVape for each day until the Christmas day!

FreeMax: Twister 80W Kit or GEMM 80W Kit

Acrohm: Fush or Fush Nano

LostVape: Orion or Lyra

Either one from FreeMax, Acrohm and Lostvape will be chosen randomly to be the gift combo of the day, which means you will get 3 different kits if you win!

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Thanksgiving Giveaway – Spin To Win

What Gift Will You Get?

1st Prize: 1*Twister Kit + 1*GEMM Kit + 1*Key Chain + 1*FreeMax Bag + 1*FreeMax Hat

2nd Prize: 1*M Pro + 1*Fireluke 2 + 1 pack GEMM Disposable Tank + 1*Key Chain + 1*FreeMax Bag + 1*FreeMax Hat

3rd Prize: 1*M Pro + 1 pack Quintuple Mesh Coil+ 1*Key Chain + 1*FreeMax Bag + 1*FreeMax Hat

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Halloween Giveaway – Catch Quintuple Mesh Coil

Easy to Enter:

  • 1. Please make screenshot to catch“ 4 * Quintuple Mesh Coil” simultaneously.
  • 2. Upload the correct screenshot
  • 3. Comment which coil(single/double/triple/quad/quintuple) do you want try.

What You Can Win:

1*M pro + 1 pack Quintuple Mesh Coil + 1*FreeMax T-shirt + 1* FreeMax Cap + 1* Key Chain

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Giveaway – 100 Lucky Freemaxers Of Limited Edition Fireluke 2

Cheers! We are doing a Grand Giveaway for FreeMaxers! This is to express our appreciation to all of you for your sincere support towards FreeMax!

100 units of Fireluke 2 Limited Edition will be given as the giveaway prize, which is worth $3,000!

Limited edition with our unlimited appreciation: FULL MATTE BLACK tank and coilwith Colorful O-ring, Double & Quad coils with Tea Fiber Cotton. Seize the chance, and enjoy it anytime anywhere!

Activity Time: 09/02/2019 – 09/16/2019

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I Want Freemax GEMM

Global Vape Store Recruitment!

Come and join us! You’ll get Rich Gifts about Freemax Gemm.

What will you get?

1.Free FreeMax GEMM Kits & Tanks

2.Free Freemax T-shirts,Bags,Caps,GEMM Flyers,GEMM Posters and so on

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