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The FreeMax Mesh Pro is the latest hot thing in sub-ohm tanks and it looks like Freemax has been sending out samples to all and sundry. Just like everyone else is saying, this FreeMax Mesh Pro is good.
FreeMax Mesh Pro
In this review, FreeMax Mesh Pro‘s features will be listed in the following FreeMax blog quickl, and then show a truly comment. Hopefully this way you can easily skim for the information that you want about this tank. Also,  the details and a disassembly of the new double and triple mesh pro coils down will be written below, which may not have been covered in other reviews, as well as actual capacity tests so scroll down if this interests you. I understand you guys are probably sick of hearing about this tank already!

FreeMax Mesh Pro Page


Quoted as 25mm by Freemax


The resin protrudes out quite a bit more than the 25mm base plate, to around 28mm at the AFC and even further to 31.5mm at the outside of the biggest bubble glass. Overall it’s a girthy tank, it’s going to look a bit goofy on a thin mod. It also might look like overhang on a mod that only just fits a 25mm atomiser.

FreeMax Mesh Pro Unique features

-Adjustable 510 pin
-Vent hole for preventing juice spills when filling
-Extra O-ring in the top cap for compatibility with 810 tips without O-rings
-First double and triple mesh pro coils on the market


Hats off to Freemax mesh pro for putting some extra efforts into the design and adding features.

And also, the FreeMax Mesh Pro implemented the adjustable pin. It’s rare that you’d have a compatibility issue with pin depth on a mod but it’s great they included this feature. Might just make the difference of being able to successfully use this tank on your particular mod or not.

mesh pro
There’s a small vent hole that is exposed when the top cap is slid across for filling – to let air escape and prevent juice from backing up. If you have juice overflow on an overzealous clandestine filling though, and then  you can’t vouch for how well it works. Don’t count on it, basically. Not a bad idea at least, considering the use of a slide-cap full system results in a fairly small opening. Might work better if the vent hole was a little larger.

Vape gear is full of variations on semi-standards such as drip tips – some use an O-ring or two on the tip itself while others such as the “Goon style” do not. Freemax mesh pro has kindly installed an O-ring inside the top cap to allow non-O-ring 810 tips to be used, even though their included tip has 2 itself. Which by the way fits very securely but is still easily removable. Nice.
Available glass and corresponding juice capacities


-4ml with a slight lower curve (not included)

-5ml with the pre-installed bubbled-out but straight sided glass

-6ml with the fish-bowl style

Actual tested with the bigger double and triple mesh pro coils:

-4.5ml with the straight-sided glass

-6.5ml with the fish-bowl style glass

Tested with the smaller single mesh pro coil

-6ml with the straight-sided glass

-8ml with the fish-bowl style glass


Except for with the straight-sided glass and double/triple coil combinations, the actual juice capacity of this tank is more than what Freemax quote. 8ml with a single mesh and fish-bowl style glass – awesome! 6.5ml with the biggest glass and double/triple coils is also great.

The pre-installed straight-sided glass is the least offensive for those who don’t dig bubble glass. I went straight to the spare fish-bowl style for the extra ml which turned out to be a full extra 2ml. Not sure why you’d choose the smaller (but still curved) option apart from style – it’s also not included in the box so it would be a separate purchase.

Available coils: A lot! 8 in total. Check out the product page and scroll to the bottom.


While there’s 3 coils specifically for this tank, Freemax lists 8 compatible coils – 4 mesh and 4 regular round wire. A SS316L mesh coil is available for TC. The original FreeMax Fireluke Mesh coils (the ones also compatible with the Voopoo Uforce) are not compatible with the FreeMax Mesh Pro. They’re shorter and do not fit.

The big selling point for this tank is the new double and triple FreeMax mesh pro coils, more on these below as they deserve their own section. From the minimum suggested power of the lowest rated coil to the maximum of the highest rated, we’re looking at a huge 40W-180W range so there’s definitely something here for any wattage you prefer. It’s great to see a SS316L mesh for those who use temperature control – many tanks with pre-built coils do not have this option. The rest are kanthal.

Available colours: 11 in total!


Six of these are coloured swirl-effect resin, the others appear to be newly released metallic effect models in black, gunmetal, rainbow, gold and silver. All have matching drip tips. I really like the pattern on the green model I received.

Airflow: Very open, especially with the triple mesh.


It’s not quite RDA style open, but it’s more than an average sub-ohm tank. It’s certainly more than the Voopoo Uforce T1 and had me dialling down the AFC until I got used to it. Doesn’t get noticeable whistles anywhere through the adjustment range and overall is on the quiet side.

Filling system: Slide-open cap.


Decently firm but could use a little heavier detent in the closed position. Can confirm it’s possible for the cap to come open in your pocket. Who doesn’t love a pocket full of juice… /s. This is possible with most slide-cap tanks though and you having to be aware of it isn’t such a big deal in exchange for super quick and easy filling. The filling hole is big enough for regular tipped bottles and glass droppers.

FreeMax Mesh
The new double and triple mesh coils:

Coil pics and breakdown album

The double and triple uses what Freemax describes as “laser-cut honeycomb” material.

Removed section of mesh

What strikes me as weird about these is that the surface area of metal is bizarrely small. If a regular mesh appears to have about 50% of the inside surface area as metal, these look like 10-20%. It doesn’t really look like it would handle any sort of power. To the contrary though, the triple is only becoming a warm vape at around 100W. To you this is where it felt the happiest but it still vapes great at 90W.

The Freemax mesh pro has really done their research on this new material. Their wattage ratings for the double and triple mesh coils are accurate which is awesome to see – the min / max figures feel spot on. The double mesh feels good at about 75-80W, the triple at 90-100W.

New triple coil

Coil life has been great for all vapors. These same juices would have had my cotton pitch black in my previous dual-coil RTA after about 3 days. Even after 100ml+ through these coils, the cotton is barely looking dark. You can easily have run these longer. They’re fine to vape straight away but do improve after a tank or two of break-in.
mesh coil

Please do not dry hits in normal use with any of these coils. This leads you into a really nice design feature of these coils but also of something to be aware of. Both the double and triple mesh coils have a slot which allows juice to enter directly into the middle of the wicking.

This is a great idea! Juice can access almost all around the wicking which means these coils should really stand up well to high wattage and chain vaping. The thing to be aware of is that these slots are fairly high up on the coil head. Once the juice level falls below these slots, juice has to come is through the vertical slots only. This may lead to dry hits when chain vaping at low juice levels. We found that people can vape the tank almost dry without any issues but careful to take it a little easier once the level was below the open upper slots.

FreeMax triple mesh

Moving on to flavour.. It’s goooood. Really good. Do yourself a favour and use the single mesh coil first. Going back to it from the double and triple is sure to leave you disappointed. Flavour is a really subjective thing but I’ll put it this way – your DIY juices taste like they have sweetener in them (they don’t) in the double and triple coils. In the single, they taste dry and like… average DIY juice without sweetener.

mesh triple

It goes without saying that there is plenty of vapour on offer from either the double or triple. To everyone, the double is a nice sweet spot between airflow, required power and flavour/vapour output. The triple is when you want big flavour and vapour and don’t care about battery or juice consumption. Both are going to smash through the juice but at this wattage almost all modern sub tanks do. Nothing unusual here.

Ramp up on these coils is practically non-existent due to the super low mass of the honeycomb material used. Dense flavour and vapour in your mouth-hole from the instant you hit the fire button. This is a very welcome change from high-mass claptons.

FreeMax triple


You can use this tank as a daily. Love it and have no problem recommending it. With the double and triple mesh coils it has great flavour, plenty of vapour and super fast ramp up – the new mesh designs are not just hype. You will like the slide cap fill system and the juice capacity. Just be sure to have the top seal properly seated when using the fish-bowl style glass or you may get leaking, and be careful not to pop the cap open in your pocket.

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